Online Project

Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacist, Pharmacology Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Shonna Evenson
Online Project

* Rite Aid's online website offers personalized wellness advice to a specialized circular they're helping improve the daily lives of seniors, free Prescription Advisor report helps you see how well you’re taking your medications as prescribed, offer flu shots and other immunizations, usually with no appointment needed, have a link to their drug database, offers the ability to transfer, refill, and have access to a Pharmacist. The site is easy to navigate. They also offer a rewards card. * Fred Meyer's online website offers an abundance of information on surgeries and procedures, diseases and conditions, information on Medicare, pet prescriptions, how to properly dispose of medications, link to FDA website, although it does not offer a "talk to a Pharmacist" option. The site is easy to navigate. They also offer a rewards card. * Walmart's online website offers a Specialty Pharmacy. Walmart customers with chronic, complex diseases and health conditions. Prescriptions for such conditions often require special handling and patient support above and beyond what the typical pharmacy can provide. Along with the two previous Pharmacies, Walmart also offers the same type of service as well. They don't however offer a rewards card. * BiMart's online Pharmacy offers a membership Advantage Prescription Pricing Program. It is a very basic site, not a lot of bell's and whistle's. They do offer online refill, and vaccinations (only during specific times). * Walgreen's online website offers all the things the four previous Pharmacies do, but much, much, much more!! This is my favorite. A very professional appearance. I would recommend to anyone.

The pharmacy I chose to visit was in a Super Wal-Mart. I believe the image they were trying to portray was (fast, efficient, prescription filling) minimal wait time and customer service. The pharmacy was neat and clean. There was however a large line. Staff seemed to be...
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