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QRT2 Task 2

Now that we have determined that moving into the online community is viable for us as a company, it is now time to continue the planning. We have discussed previously the strategic marketing tactics we will use and the way that we will use social media to ensure that we are ready to move forward. We will continue our planning and focus on the way that we will provide payment options for our customers. This will include what tools they will use and how it will keep their information safe. We will also plan for ways to use search engines and how to gain optimization of their use. It will be vital to ensure that our name shows up in the result pages of the search engines. We will create a plan to reach the diverse culture that we live in, making our website accessible in a diverse consumer base. We will finish up by discussing our customer relationship management software that we will use on our website. Once these are finalized and decided on, we will be ready to move forward in the design phase of our website. This proposal will discuss and answer all of those questions and prepare us for design. A1. Customer Payments

We are creating a website that will allow our customers to be able to accomplish all of the needed functions of obtaining a storage unit or RV parking without having to come on property. By doing this, we will need a payment option for our customers to be able to make payments for deposits or to make monthly payments. Our website is designed to help our customers have the option of online payments to save them time and effort. Of course we will need an option for payment for our customers to use to order to be fully functional. We have looked at all of the options and have decided that the use if PayPal would be the best option for us.

We looked at having a shopping cart set up on the website to make payments. The majority of online stores work with a shopping cart and is very effective for their needs. As we looked at a shopping cart, we noticed that they were really built for a website that sells a larger variety products and services. The shopping cart allows the customers to store in their shopping cart those items they have want and to continue shopping for other things. Due to the limited number of items that we will be receiving payments for, an online shopping cart would not be necessary for us to achieve our goals.

In making this choice on which payment options to use, we looked closely at ease of use for our customers and keeping their information safe and secure. PayPal was chosen because of these considerations and ease of use for our customers. PayPal will do all that we need it to do and is easy to use, free to set up, free for our customers. These features of PayPal made it an ideal solution. PayPal's name and reputation was also a big consideration. A large amount of our customers have already used PayPal, or at least will recognize the name. Having this knowledge of PayPal will aide in helping them feel safe to use our online payment system. It will link to our website and allow our customers to make payments without having to go to a different website to do this. The customers will click on that link, allow them to make the monthly payments or the one time deposit to hold their units.

The PayPal program also allows for the creation of invoices to allow for ease of use for our customers and also for the record keeping and bookkeeping needs. We can create invoices for them, send them out through email and then use PayPal to accept their payments to that invoice. It will do all that we need to do in order for us to collect the needed payments. It will be great to have one tool that we can use to accomplish all of this.

As far as the customers, the tools that they will use will simply be the website. It will connect them to PayPal in order for them to make these payments. This will help us keep it simple for...
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