Online Ordering System

Topics: World Wide Web, Website, Online shopping Pages: 4 (1035 words) Published: January 11, 2011
Splurk Tee Website and Ordering System

Group: Flip
Don Ray Gepulango - Lead Designer/ Grammarian
Jeabby Del Mundo - Analyst/Designer
Jeric Casumpang – Designer
Angelina Provido – Secretary/Treasurer

Lots of T-shirt brands and Clothing Companies have been supporting many kinds of sports since people can remember. In this modern era, more and more teens and adults have been involved in new kinds of sports like BMX riding and Skateboarding. On the popularity of these sports, many T-shirt brands are inspired to create new design related to these sports. Bacolod City has plenty of BMX riders and Skateboarders but lack of support. Until young local artist decided to make their own T-shirt designs that fit to BMX and Skateboard lifestyle. One of these local T-shirt brands is Splurk Tee, which dedicates itself to support the local scene of BMX and Skateboarding. New to the industry, the newly formed T-shirt Brand found difficulties to promote its product and to gain acceptance to the public.

Statement of the Problem
Based on the research and study of the proponents, they found out that Splurk Tee is having difficulties in their method of marketing the products and how people order online. These are the main problems that the proponents found out: * Splurk Tee is just using Facebook to market and promote their products online and the products is only limited to the followers of their Facebook page. * The accuracy of the people ordering the product is low since they only use text messaging. * The product is not well organized and customers are having a hard time viewing the products as well as the prices and information.

This proposed Website and Ordering System will help solve the following problems by improving the current online marketing tactics of the business. The proponents will aid these problems by: * Make and design a new website that will help them promote and market their products online. *...
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