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Powercycle Online Ordering System
A Project Proposal
Presented to the faculty of the Information Technology
Department of
Access Computer College
Lagro Quezon City
In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology By:
SanJose, Jorie O.
Cabornay, Lolito B.

Chapter I. Introduction
An Online Marketing is both creative and technical advantageous aspects in the world of internet, including the design, advertising, sales and development. It is now being used by many companies, including those companies which competing in the world of business. Internet Marketing makes a big contribution in terms of advertising and producing more sales. Providing services and promoting products are one of the main goals of internet marketing. As the technology keep changing and many companies are still adapting techniques to produce much revenue, Internet marketing technologies can broaden the scope of business both on local and global competencies.

Internet or also known as World Wide Web is amazing and great innovation in human life. The internet is known for its one of a kind for communication or meeting place of people from around the world giving them a chance to get close together in easier manner

One of the things people can do in the world of internet is to go order without going out of their own house. Just using the tip of finger people can explore the shopping world hassle free and less effort in going to the store. One of the system that is used today is the online ordering it’s easier to canvas and purchase the products that they want.

Just like when we want to canvas or buy motorcycle model we can see or purchase it easier through the Internet. We don’t have to go to the motorcycle dealer to ask for the price etc. because all the information they need to know about the products is in the website.

Background of the study
The Powercycle located in Novaliches Q.C. is owned by Siy Cha, it started in Takorong, Mindanao as hardware and consequently of her efforts she get ahead and became successful. Due to the efforts of the owner they became distributor of Suzuki and it’s the first brand of motorcycle that they sell, the time after they nurtured and became a Trancycle it is a multi-brand dealer of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kymco and in 2000’s it became a Powercycle that sell only one brand of motorcycle namely the Honda and they opened again another branch in Muntinlupa, Valenzuela and in 2006 they opened again another branch in Novaliches Q.C.

The Powercycle are selling motorcycle model, spare parts and its oils. They also fixed machine of motorcycle.
Due to the volume of customers coming to their branch to canvas or buy, but the staffs cannot accommodate all of it. Some customers bored and sometimes leave and look for another dealer, pity to them because they lose customers.

The purpose of the online ordering system is to help the company, owner and staffs to facilitate and accelerate their work and so that they became famous in the Philippines through the Internet. It’s easier to ordered their products anywhere here in the Philippines. The customers don’t need to go to their branch to see their products.

Statement of the Problem
Based on the research and study of the proponents, they found out that Powercycle is having difficulties in their method of marketing their products and how people order online. These are the main problem that the proponents found out : 1. How to accelerate the work of their staff using the Online ordering system? 2. How will the customer acquire and pay for their orders?

3. Is the online ordering system able to bear at once assuring that the company avoids dishonest persons?  

General objectives
To be able to do an Online Ordering System that can make a ordering transaction between the Powercycle and the costumers even without going to their...
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