Online Ordering System

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Chapter 1
Background of the Study
In a highly technological society, human productivity is more efficient through the development of electronic gadgets. Computers are not just being used for entertainment and communication but also for improving life style and businesses. It makes works particularly business works, faster and more accurate. It eliminates common manual problems. Nowadays, it is said to be more feasible and reliable rather than continue using the manual system. Online ordering system is one of the commonly being automated system nowadays.

Online technology has indeed become a vital feature of doing business today. It manifests not only the sensitivity of the company to modernity and present needs of the customers but it also allows unending probabilities for innovation in transaction that greatly benefit the customers. These essential features are not yet widely practiced by every business establishment although an overwhelming number of them have already integrated online features to their transactions. The general public values these online features thus it is buy worthy to include them in every business marketing strategy (Willingham, 2010).

Along the development of Online Technology is the expansion of electronic commerce or e-commerce. E- Commerce is a wide range of online business activities for products and services. It pertains to any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact. E- Commerce is usually associated with buying, selling and service reservation over the Internet, or conducting any transaction involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods or services through a computer- mediated network. And one system that used e-commerce is Online ordering System (Chandhury, 2011).

In an article written by Kumari (2013), online business to become popular in the world, the use of e-commerce is very essential. In the light of global e- commerce business, such online ordering system has proven to be helpful.

CBN Boneless Bangus is a frozen food products store, which is located at Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City. This store was started and established in the year 1995. It was owned by Mrs.Fe Mejia Vidal.
The present system of CBN Boneless Bangus is done manually such as the writing the order of the customer and record keeping of the sales order. From the time it was started to operate, they use only a sheet of paper and pen in writing the order and through telephone call by the customer. This kind of manual operations brought them problems like misplaced orders, lost of orders, incorrect writing of orders.

The study intends to make a web based Online Ordering System of CBN Boneless Bangus about ordering the product through web. The system will be composed of the use of MySQL and Joomla, the researchers will make a system that a certain customers can order and view what are their products using Internet.

The developers will develop a system that can minimize the processing time in order to make the owner work easy and quickly so that order process will be much faster than usual. Customers will be more comfortable for the system that researchers will develop because of fast and consistent processing of online ordering system.

Developers of the system will be aware of the existing problems that customer and the owner experiencing such as misplaced order, lost of order sheet, and incorrect writing of orders in the present time and past few years to develop a system that will provide a solution to their needs for them to be comfortable of what propose system will provide.

Users or the customers of the propose online ordering system will also benefited for the reason that they will not do the usual way they do when they are processing the order sheet.
With the aid of the proposed system, the target market of the company can be expanded from local market to global market due to...
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