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JISC Project Plan

|Project Information | |Project Acronym |BID | |Project Title |Bridging the Interoperability Divide | |Start Date |1/6/2007 |End Date |1/10/2008 | |Lead Institution |Oxford | |Project Director | | |Project Manager & contact details |Neil Jefferies – | | |Michael Fraser – | |Partner Institutions |Oxford, Monash | |Project Web URL | | |Programme Name (and number) |Repositories and Preservation | |Programme Manager | |

|Document Name | |Document Title |Project Plan | |Reporting Period |Start of Project | |Author(s) & project role |Neil Jefferies, Co-Project Manager | |Date |17/07/07 |Filename |BID Project Plan.doc | |URL |TBA | |Access |ο Project and JISC internal |ο General dissemination |

|Document History | |Version |Date |Comments | |1.00 |01/07/07 | | |1.01 |17/07/07 |Revised Gantt Chart | | | | |

1 Overview of Project

1 1. Background

Oxford University Research Archive (the successor to the Oxford Eprints repository set up as a part of the SHERPA project) allows relationships between disparate repository objects to be expressed and stored as part of the Fedora object model. At the same time, while the underlying Fedora architecture is very flexible, there are types of digital object for which it is not the optimal storage or delivery mechanism and which therefore naturally reside in other repository systems (ASK and SRB in this case). A unified discovery and navigation...
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