Online Ordering System

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The Problem and its Settings


Everything in this world have been change. The Innovation of our

Technology Evolves by Decades and still transforming. Many companies,

industries, and businesses have their way of managing and processing the task

conveniently, and the growth computer generation we can see the improvement

of technology and make every people’s task done in short time.

Computers are very important to every fields of work especially in

accounting, computer is a good help because it effectively manages time to

every office works and can be process at the same time. Computer also helps us

to organize/control and monitor every work. One of the system that is used today

is the ordering system. It is used to view and records computer on time.


This study aims to solve the following problems:

1. What is the existing system of Cherry mobile in their Ordering


2. What are the advantages of online ordering system for cherry mobile?

3. What are the benefits that the Cherry mobile and its

costumer will get from the proposed online ordering system? In terms of:

a. Management

b. Time consumed

c. File security and storage

d. Payment of the customer

Objectives of the study:

The aim of this study is to create an Online Ordering System for

Cherry Mobile for the easier way of payment to their customer through


1. To know the existing system of Cherry Mobile in their

Ordering System

2. To identify the advantages of online ordering system of Cherry Mobile.

3. To identify the benefits of Cherry Mobile and what its

customer will get from the proposed system

Significance of the study

Here are the advantages and benefits that the company and the

Customers of the Cherry Mobile can get from the Online Ordering System.

The Company. The Company of the Cherry Mobile has a benefits of using the

Online Ordering system, because first the paper cost of the company will be

lessen, and also they will have a back records of their customers data to the

database of the internet, and also they can manage and access the customers

record of sales through online.

The Staff/Manager.

The Customers. The Cherry Mobile Online Ordering System is a user-friendly system for

the customers and they can access easily through online. and also have

discounts/promo for the new products.

The Researchers . This study helped them a lot to enhance and develop their skills and

knowledge about this kind of work. It was taken as a great challenged to them giving

them the capacity to adjust and do some sacrifices for the success of this study.

The Future Researchers. This study can help them to serve as their basis for making an


payment or any other related to this study. They don’t need to study about a program like

this from the start.

Economical Significance

The computerized Ordering system is developed not only to help

user/buyer in managing, controlling and monitoring their sales in a better way,

furthermore, this system is developed and design to help user/buyer in

minimizing the financial expenses and to improve data accuracy. On the contary,

when you are using the manual system of billing. You keep on filling records in

logbooks and notes that makes a lot of work you to do.


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