Online Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy
Jacob Orquin Department of Business Administration Aarhus University

E-business models

Chaffey & Smith (2008)

The e-marketing plan

Chaffey (2009)

Online strategy model Guava Media, Nyborg (2009)
Which KPI’s?

Who are the customers?

Qualitative/explorative analyses segments, position, messages Quatitative analyses Cross- & upsales, loyalty

Qualify the customers/ market

Touchpoint strategy

Integration of digital strategy in corporate/ marketing strategy


Acqusition & conversion

Measurement / optimization

Online marketing process Userpilot, Orquin (2009)
Define Business Goals

(re)Define KPI’s

Business goals drive KPI formulation that drive the data collection. Web analytics ask what is happening and directs other quantitative and qualitative studies to answer why it is happening. Qualitative Metrics

Web Analytics Metrics

Quantitative Metrics

The data is analysed and action points are generated. Ultimately, the purpose is to make data driven decisions on what to implement and optimize in the online marketing mix.


Action points


Online strategy model SOSTAC

Chaffey & Smith (2008)

Situation analysis
Demand-, competitor-, intermediary analysis, internal marketing audit, (SW)OT, SLEPT/PEST

Chaffey (2007)

Internet and industry structure

Porter (2001)

Demand analysis
Online resources like Google insights should be used to asses search volume and demand

Chaffey (2007)

Competitor analysis
Diese et al. (2000) suggest the following equation to assess competitor brand perception: Customer value (brand perception) = Product quality X Service quality Price X Fulfillment time

A shortcut to assess competitor performance on customer satisfaction:

TDC : 3,7/10

Telmore: 8,6/10

Bibob : 9,6/10

Intermediary analysis

Chaffey & Smith (2008)

Internal marketing audit
The internal marketing audit asseses company performance on:

Business effectiveness
 Internet revenue contribution  Cost-benefit analysis of producing and updating website

Marketing effectiveness
 Market share, sales, leads, retention rates etc.

Internet effectiveness
 Unique visitors, conversion rates, goals etc.

Opportunities / threats

Chaffey (2007) Chaffey & Smith (2008)

Opportunities / threats

Chaffey & Smith (2008)

Social factors · ___________ · ___________ · ___________ Economic factors · ___________ · ___________ · ___________

Political factors
· ___________ · ___________ · ___________
What factors matters the most for an e-tailer like

Legal & ethical factors · ___________ · ___________ · ___________

Technological factors
· ___________ · ___________ · ___________

Objective setting
Clear objectives are critical for the formation of strategies, tactics, and KPI’s. Remember the SMART mnemonic:  Specific  Measurable

 Achievable
 Realistic  Time-constrained

Strategic objective setting

Chaffey & Smith (2008)

Business value
4 ways of creating business value with ebusiness proposed by Marchand et al. (1999).

Online revenue contribution
Does online revenue contribution cannibalize offline turnover or where does the market come from?

Chaffey (2007)

Strategy process
A generic strategy process model proposed by chaffey (2007)

6 key decisions
The strategy definition is driven by the objectives and vision.

Chaffey (2007)

Market/product positioning
What could the positioning parameters be for a online music store? Suggested parameters:

· ______________ · ______________ · ______________ · ______________ · ______________ · ______________

Target market strategy

Chaffey & Smith (2008)

Tactics and the marketing mix
Defining the 7 P’s in an online context:

Chaffey (2007)

The internet allows for long tail economics which dramatically affects the...
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