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Topics: Psychology, Learning, History of education Pages: 1 (582 words) Published: May 2, 2015
“Online learning isn’t for everyone but if you choose to be an online student this the success is yours.”Dr. Phillp Smith of Online Learning of Miami Dade Public School System. There are many fundamentals that goes into online learning. Though out this paper there will be some important guides that you need to have to be an online student. To be a successful as a learner in an online learning environment you must obtain the key of self-regulated learning. The main topic of this article are covered in any basic of online learner or the keys of been a successful online learner. One is making sure you have an environment to focus your assignments and studies. Environment strutting is a major component in been an online student. You have to create an environment that allows you to truly focus on your assignments and your studies. In some situations you may have to separate yourself from your surroundings to create that learning environment you need. Another one is to be successful at anything in life you must set goals. The University that you attend set goals by telling you how many hours/credits you need to get your degree. Your instructors set goal by telling you how many points you need to get a certain grade. So you must set goals for yourself, it should be short terms goals and long terms goals. What I have learn from the reading that is doesn’t matter where you in the word, or the level of education you already obtain the fundamentals of been a successful online leaner is the same. It didn’t surprise me at, reinsured me that there is hope of been a successful online learner. This article with hand and hand with our course material for this course. The outline, data charts, etc. was very similar when it came down to core material of the course. The only thing different is that there isn’t a scripture to reflect on each topic. There isn’t an insight to a bible verse to be associated with online learning. I have learned from this topic that am on the right...
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