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By :
Krishnendu Chakraborty
Riya Guchhait
Arup Chandra Mahato
Dhiman Chakraborty

Table Of Contents
1. Introduction
Application will be Web Based (Browser Based).Application Requires Employee Registration & Profiles, Job Search, Employer Registration & Profiles, Subscription Option for both Employee and Employer etc. 1.1Purpose of the Document

The Purpose of Application is to Provide Jobs portal for Job Seekers to submit their CV and apply for job posting and Employer can select best Employees from Available CV based on their payment option selection. This is basically a Job portal where job Seeker applies for jobs and employer post jobs and select prospective applicant. 1.2 Product Perspective

This is basically a Job portal where job Seeker applies for jobs and employer post jobs and select prospective applicant. There will be Separate Control Panel for Job Seeker, Employer and Admin (Super User).Employer can add Own Profile and post jobs and Job Seeker can Search Jobs based on Geographical Area (Country, State, City), Qualification, Company wise or on the Basis of Experience and Expertise wise .

1.3 Scope and objective of the proposed systems

The scope this product is to provide a system where
• The job seekers will have an easy access to the different opportunities available in the IT world ,apart from those that are available through the campus placements • The recruiters will have access to a quality candidate poll

The main objective of Online Job Portal is to where the job seekers can register themselves at the website and search jobs which are suitable for them where as the employers register with the website and put up jobs which are vacant at their company 1.4 Definitions Acronyms and Abbreviations

1.5 References
Monster, Shine,naukri and timesjobs etc.
1.6 Role and responsibility

1.7 Overview of this document
This Article will help us to know the various aspects of our project, what is it capable of doing and what the benefits of using it. This Document will also help us to design our project and to carry on with the sub sequent tasks and accomplish the project. This document will act as a guideline for our colleagues to make this project a success. 2. Requirement Elicitation Techniques

i. Secure registration and Login facilities for both Job Seeker as well as Employer. ii. An intelligent search engine which enables the employees to search for jobs in a particular Qualification/Experience in a certain Field. iii. An intelligent search engine for the Employer to search for Job Seekers with a particular Qualification/Experience in a certain Field. iv. Employers should be notified if any job seeker has shown interest in their vacancy. v. The Employer should have an option for downloading the C.V. of the Job Seeker. vi. A Blog/Forum where the general job related discussions could be maintained. vii. The Job Seeker should have an option of updating his C.V. viii. Captcha has to be used in all registration form to ensure that no spam user is able to register at the website. ix. Administrator has to approve the Employer before he can put the vacancies. x. Also a paid section of the website could be maintained where special features are given to the Job Seekers. 3 Project requirements and acceptance criteria


Regmt/Sub-Regemt ID
Requirement Description
Regmt/Sub-Regemt ID
Acceptance Citeria

4 Apportioning of requirements
The various requirements divided based on the different types of users are : 1) Administrators
Will have ‘Super User’ Power.
Manage Job Seeker and Employer Profiles
Manage Payments of Both Employer
Send Message to Employer and Job seeker for Subscription etc. Set Criteria for both Users (Job Seekers and Employer)
Admin can...
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