Online Grade Verification System

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The increasing usage of computer as stated by Mary Jane Santos (2010) gave to for the birth of new technological advancement that had assisted teachers and professors to easily compute for grades, the digitization of spreadsheets. The main advantage according to her is speed, since no manual calculation is needed, and confirmation of grade for various purposes can also be performed more quickly than traditional means. Managing grades through the use of this method, therefore, had become easier for instructors for using electronic spreadsheets.

Furthermore, with the advancement of information technology at the turn of the millennium, the Internet suddenly became an important aspect in providing feedbacks to parents on their children’s academic performance. The Diliman College, for example, as cited by Patrick B. Morata (2007) has implemented an Online Grading System. This project made used of a web-based application that could be utilized by both the Grade School and High School Departments. The system provides reliable and accurate instructions to compute grades in all different subjects in the Basic Education Department. It allows a comparatively fast access of information through the internet. Thus, the Online Grading System is a web-based application that can be used to create report cards, class grades list and roll sheet attendance report. It posts the grades of the students online. The students have an account to access their report card. Parents can also view and be updated of their children’s performance as indicated in their report card. This way teachers’ work load is lessened by just inputting the raw scores on the system and it will be automatically be computed; consolidated and displayed on screen in a desired format for students and parents..

While well established schools in the cities enjoy these privileges and comforts of providing parents access of their students’ academic performance via the internet, schools in the provinces still lag...
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