Online Grade Inquiry System

Topics: Grade, Electronic commerce, Pattern grading Pages: 4 (807 words) Published: September 27, 2012
1. Client server based guidance system
2. On-line courseware
3. Payroll system
4. Hotel reservation system
5. Hotel management system
6. Online hotel reservation system
7. Online billing system
8. Online membership and billing system
9. Online class scheduling system
10. Online POS(Point of Sale)
11. Online inventory system
12. Online payroll system
13. Online ordering system
14. Online bidding system
15. Voting system
16. Online voting system
17. Online shopping cart
18. Medical records system
19. Online public access catalog
20. library system
21. Record management system
22. Supply inventory system
23. E-learning system
24. Social networking
25. Hospital system
26. E-voting system
27. Online management system
28. Online Lot Reservation
29. Online Product Reservation System
30. Online Grade Inquiry
32. Online Grading System
33. Airline Reservation System
34. Video Library Management System
35. Internet Cafe System
36. Billing System
37. Electronic Police Clearance System
38. Salon System
39. Human Resource Management System
40. Pharmacy Automation System
41. Order Billing Inventory System

Online Grade Inquiry System

A research proposal
Presented to
Instructor Glenn Tabia of the
Dingle Campus
Dingle, Iloilo

In partial Fulfillment
In our subject System Analysis for the degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Mercy Latumbo BSIT III

This chapter presents the background of the study, significance of the study, the objective of the study and the scopes and Delimitation. Grading is a great tool, faculty use to communicate with their students, colleagues, and institutions, as well as exterior entities. Teachers have spent nearly every day of their teaching lives wrestling with the problems, the power, and the inconsistencies of the grading system. Through...
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