Online Etiquette

Topics: Communication, Grammar, Profanity Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Online Etiquette
There are many examples of poor communication on message boards, chat rooms and during online gaming. Because tone of voice and facial expressions are not available, it is hard sometimes to get things across the way you mean them. For example, a joke could be taken seriously or poor grammar may not be taken seriously and your point is then lost. If one wants their "voice" to be heard and respected, proper online etiquette is vital. Etiquette means good manners. It is best to keep things simple and user-friendly as possible.

As opposed to looking at a computer screen, people tend to be far more guarded in person. One should always apply the online etiquette rule, which is, if you wouldn't say it to someone’s face then do not attempt to convey it in an email or message. Swearing, profanities and offensive language is absolutely out of the question along with prejudice or discriminatory comments. The expression of strongly held opinions expressed with a great deal of emotion should be kindly reserved for personal blogs or forums and should certainly not be expressed in an OLS environment.

One should pay attention to spelling and grammar because poor spelling and grammar is an epic fail online. It is wise to be sure to check, proof read and check again anything that one submits online or via e-mail to facilitators. In most cases such errors are as a result of carelessness and will stand out like a sore thumb. One should never allow silly spelling mistakes and grammatical blunders hinder their chances at good grades.

It is always wise to pay attention to presentation, content and delivery. Try not to ramble, instead be as concise and straight to the point as possible. Avoid using abbreviations, text language and jargon. Communicate by displaying articulation, confidence and enthusiasm. Use capital letters only where applicable because using only capital letters is considered aggressive and a form of shouting...
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