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Topics: Karl Marx, Political philosophy, Law Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Government –
Law –

Political institutions – the societal arrangements for legislating and enforcing laws and providing for social service. State and political system
Ideology – a system of values and ideas, beliefs and attitudes that a society or groups within it share. * A set of interrelated beliefs that provide a picture of the world as whole. Forms of government

1. autocracy – it uphold that the government should be in the hand of one individual who has supreme power over the people. 2. oligarchy – a form of government in w/c the power of authority resides in the few persons who governfor their own interests. 3. democracy – a form of government where there is rule by the people socialist directly or through representatives. Raymond Aron – a French philosopher who connots socialism as “whatever is good is socialist, whatever is bad originates in capitalism” Milton Friedman – novel price winning economist connots socialism as “ socialism implies egalitarianism and that people are living for society while capitalism has the connotation of “materialism,’greedy,’ ‘ selfish,’ ‘self-serving, an so on. 3 main varieties of socialism

* Marxism-Leninism(communism) – a revolutionary socialism.( Karl Marx) * Fascism – it is a system in which all major aspects of society’s life are processes of society and centralized state authority. Function of the state

Maintenance of the peace and order and the regulation and control of the lives of the people.

1. legalistic – wholly regulated by the laws, such in international, national, or city matters. 2. quasi- legal – partly w/n the limits of the law and partly a matter of personal unofficial arrangement, as in the villages. 3. extra-legal – w/c includes alliances of shady business and underworld dealings.

Political power – a basic force on the political process and in instructing society. State –...
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