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Sa magulang
Ang pag aaral ukol sa online enrollment ang syang magbibigay impormasyon sa mga magulang na mayroong ng mas medaling paraan sa pagpapa enroll. Ang pag aaral ding ito ay maghihikayat sa mga magulang lalo na sa mga nang gagaling sa mga malalayong probinsya.

Sa mag-aaral
*It gives us knowledge on what to expect for the implementation of online enrollment. *They will be able to express their opinions and expectations about online enrollment. *For them to see how other students like them react about online enrollment.

Sa administrators
* It informs them about the different views of the students regarding online enrollment. * For them to know the expectations and reactions of the students before the actual implementation of online enrollment. * Able to know which of the two colleges are looking forward to the online enrollment. * Who is more interested the students that come from cdo or the students that come from outside the cdo. * Which of the two genders has positive outlook about the online enrollment. * To see if the students are aware regarding online enrollment.

Sa registrar Online registration is fast, secure and easy. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. This helps us plan for the necessary amount of food, water, and resources that we need to devote to the run.

Manual registration requires more time and effort on your part as well as ours! You must fill out the form and mail it with your check (or money order). Please allow sufficient time to process manual registrations.

With an increasingly competitive events industry and all of the work that goes into hosting a marathon or local 5k, many event organizers are looking for innovative ways to streamline their workload and at the same time grow their event's prestige and overall participant satisfaction. While the growing trend is to take all aspects of event management online with event registration software, many event organizers are still wary that that their participants will be scared away at the thought of submitting their data online. Here are some advantages to going with online registration that may put your mind at ease...

1. Quick and easy registration for the participant. Paper registration requires the entrant to download the form and print it or pick up a copy from the event office, fill it out, write a cheque, and then either pay postage to mail it back or get in their car to drop it off. Online entry is a fast and seamless experience for a participant linking to the form from your official event website. The online registration form can have the same look and feel as your site so that the registrant feels like he has never left the website. An online registrant can quickly fill out a simple online form that has been custom tailored to only collect the information required of a person entering their category (Adult, Child, 10k, 5k, etc) and submit it to your database within minutes.

2. Automatic confirmation emails. The average turn-a-round time from the day a paper entry form is received to when the entrant gets a confirmation of registration can take days or even weeks. Events accepting paper registration forms may spend a good portion of their work day answering phone calls and emails from registrants curious to hear if their cheque and information has been received. Most online registration software will automatically send a follow-up email to the participant notifying them that their payment has been received and space reserved in the event. This instant confirmation will give your participants peace of mind and also reduce the administrative work required to reply to concerned registrants wondering about the status of their entry.

3. Online data submission is secure. Having said this,...
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