Online Education vs Traditional Education

Topics: Full-time, Virtual learning environment, Part-time Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Online Education versus Traditional Education

Even though some students may do better hearing a lecture rather than reading one, online schooling is becoming more popular because of flexibility, saves on money, and communication is easier. More and more people are turning to online classes these days because of their busy schedules. When you have a growing family you need to be able to support them, in order to support them you need to have a job. In today’s world you need to have a college degree in order to make what they call “the big bucks.” How can you get a college degree though in between having a full time job and raising a family? This is where online classes come in handy.

Time is a big issue when you are trying to decide if whether taking online classes is the way to go or not. Extra time is hard to come by these days, especially when trying to raise a family, going out and working a full time job, and having a social life with friends. If a person happens to not work a full time job then the a traditional on campus school might work for them; but for someone who does have a full time job, online classes would better suit their needs because they have the power to make their own hours. When you are able to devote whatever time that works best for you, you will not have that feeling of being rushed like you are with everything else going on in your life and your chances of succeeding are much more likely. A person can do their homework either at night while the family is asleep, during a break or a lunch break at work, or even on the weekends when people tend to have more time on their hands. When you do not have to drive back and forth to campus, you are not wasting your time by sitting in the car; also there is no having to drive to the library to get any books that you would want to read in order to study. Instead your online school has an online library right there at your finger tips. On the other side of things, online...
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