Online Education

Topics: Adult education, E-learning Pages: 4 (617 words) Published: October 4, 2014
Megan Nygren
English 50- 1342
Prof. Larason
19 November 2013
Online Education
Online education is not as beneficial as a real course, which includes collaboration between a teacher and students. Even though online courses are cheaper, they do not always benefit the student’s needs in the classroom. Traditional classes are beneficial compared to online courses because students have better collaboration, motivation, time management, and it eliminates the feeling of isolation.

There becomes a problem with online education because some students need more attention and help than others. Mark Edmundson explains that, “courses delivered solely online may be fine for highly skilled, highly motivated people, but they are inappropriate for struggling students who make up a significant portion of college enrollment and who need close contact with instructors to succeed” (Edmundson). Having contact with the instructor is important because the students learn the instructors teaching techniques and he or she will be there for any questions that the students may have about an assignment. Having person-to-person contact with the professor makes it easy to get further instructions or clarification for any confused subjects.

Having motivation is key to success. It is very difficult to be motivated when being signed up for an online class for many reasons. “The research has shown over and over again that community college students who enroll in online courses are significantly more likely to fall or withdraw than those in traditional classes,” Mark explains (The New York Times). College students tend to get distracted very easily which turns into disaster when it comes to finishing an online assignment on time. Having other students around helps to stay motivated by having conversations about upcoming assignments, or even studying together on tests.

Time management is important for students in college. Having person-to-person contact with the professor keeps the...

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