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Blackboard vs Chalkboard
The tremendous growth in technology has changed our lives in many aspects. One of these aspects is online education, also called electronic learning. Online education originated from distance education, for those students, which plan to acquire knowledge through Internet. Today, there are so many universities that impart knowledge through online platforms. One good example of such platform is blackboard learning commonly known as bbvista, used in Drexel University. Students have a stereotypical image that traditional courses are better than online courses, but that’s not true. This image is quite impractical in this technology era. Online education opens new horizons for students to apply even in the universities that are far from their place. The students don’t have to drive to the school to attend a lecture and rather watch the slides online and do the required assignment for that topic. But there’s one drawback in this type of learning is that the student is missing valuable words of lecturer. The words of the lecturer is the extra knowledge that only those students can gain which are attending the lecture. The flexibility of online courses enables students to take their lessons whenever and wherever they want. Especially in Drexel University that has co-op system, the students can take online courses while they are on their co-op, from any part of the world. Another advantage of online course is that the assignments are open for a certain period of time, so the student has plenty of time to complete the assignment and submit it by just one click on the computer. Drexel University is one of the best examples that impart knowledge in good proportions of online education and traditional in-classroom education. They uses online platform Blackboard Vista to post syllabus of the course, lectures, homework, and grades. As we are in the generation of modern people, they also want technology to be a key part...
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