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Topics: Online dating service, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Title: Love At First Click
Thesis Statement: Online dating can be the best experience of your life, the worst, or an experience that you will never forget. Preview Statement: Many of us know people that have attempted to meet people over the internet, or have met them. What is online dating?

Online Dating is when you meet someone over the internet. You may just have regular conversations, you may gain feelings, or you may take it to the next step. You can online date through actual dating sites such as which puts couples together based off their compatibility or you can online date on social sites such facebook and twitter which is ment for just socializing with friends.

How can online dating be the best experience of your life you may ask.. Dr. Galvin who studies psychology in England did an experiment on online dating on 229 people over the course of seven months. He stated that 94% of the people wanted to met the person they were talking to online in person. He also stated some interesting facts: # men online were more likely to be committed to the relationship than women. # those who exchanged gifts before meeting had a more committed and deeper relationship. # the more the couple talked on the telephone before they met, the deeper the relationship. Online dating can lead up to marriages, families, and happiness for life. Studies show that out of 17,000 marriages, 17% met online.

Everything that’s good has a bad side though. You may ask how can online dating be an bad experience? Online dating can be a bad experience in many ways. Last year MTV came out with a show called “Catfish” showing it first-hand. People were talking online for years and years and then when they finally got the chance to met up, the person was not who they said they were. They would look totally different than their pictures. If your emotionally attached to someone and you find out that the whole time that they are not who they were or that they were lying...
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