Online Dating Services Are Wonderful Way to Meet Compatible Potential Partners

Topics: Online dating service, Dating, Dating system Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: September 25, 2012
* Online Dating Services Are Wonderful Way To Meet Compatible Potential Partners * Adam Ali, Bob Crawford
* CISC 497 - 002
* The rapid advancement of the Internet and the thousands of online dating websites is changing the way we seek out potential mates. Instead of heading down to the local bar or nightclub in hopes of finding that special someone, more people are at home, meticulously constructing descriptive verses of themselves for their online dating profile. Some of the biggest issues that compel us to shy away from approaching someone in a bar or a nightclub are completely eliminated in the virtual world of online dating. It is for this reason that I believe that online dating services offer an unparalleled opportunity for individuals of all shapes, sizes and colour to meet compatible potential partners. * Traditionally, the way in which most married people meet their spouses are from real life social interactions at work, school, or through a friend of a friend. With the increasing popularity of online dating sites, more couples are finding love from the comfort of their own home. According to a 2010 study by the global dating site and the research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, online dating sites have become the third most popular way in which married couples meet. They found that roughly 1/6 married couples met each other on an online dating site. In fact, they found that more than twice as many marriages occurred between people who met online than those that met in bars, clubs and other social events all combined. These statistics indicate that online dating could eventually become the premier way to find a spouse in the near future. * There are a multitude of reasons that online dating is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to meet a potential mate. One of the greatest advantages is the ability to seek out a date from the comfort of your own home, especially for those who are inherently shy or socially awkward. This...

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