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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Online identity, Online dating service Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Online dating has proven to be more likely to enhance marriage satisfaction compared to that of face-to-face dating. In a study including 20,000 respondents, 35 percent met their date on an online site and married each other. Out of the 35 percent of online daters, 6 percent reported to end in a break up or divorce. That is more than half of the respondents that wed offline. Research shows that while online, people tend to be more honest and open with their partner than they are when they are offline and in person. “Also, the pool of prospective partners is likely larger online, and those on online dating sites may be more focused on finding a long-term mate” (Reich). More than one/third of marriages in America begin online, and the majority of that fraction has consisted of long-term relationships. Although many people prefer staying offline to get into relationships, staying online has proven to be not only more effective, but also more essential on variety and time while choosing partners. Some important advice to use on online dating websites is to not give away too much information at first, that way your minute information keeps your hopeful partner chasing after your mystery (Bartz).

Studies have shown that online relationships include more personal information at a time, creating the perfect profile to pick and choose who someone wants to spend their life with. People hide behind a screen, and while doing so, expose their true self without having a fear of rejection or verbal abuse. “Between 12 and 24 percent of teens will take an online relationship offline and in person” (Boger 15). Relationships that began online have shown a higher marital rate and a lower divorce rate than those who started an offline relationship. The main reason for an interest in online dating is the fear of rejection in person. The embarrassment and self-assessment afterward are often heart wrenching and can cause a higher risk of stress. Online dating, however, puts a screen...
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