Online Dating

Topics: Lie, Debut albums Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: July 25, 2007
Online dating is a something when someone first sees your profile they must like you right away. The way that a viewer of profile reacts will be the key to if they are going to want to go on a date and meet you or if they are just never going to look at the profile again. But the nice thing about these profiles is that you can put what you want people to know about you and what you do not want people to know about you. So basically anyone that is going to make a profile is going to pump themselves up to be something that they might not really be. Egan explains "Dating profiles are works in progress, continually edited and tweaked, fortified with newer, more flattering pictures. If they were physical documents, they would have the velvety, dogeared texture of beloved children's books or nineteenth-century family Bibles." (277). What Egan is trying to show is that no matter what you think of yourself on your profile you are always going to want to change it so that you might be able to attracted someone you may not be able to meet at a bar or some kind of social gathering like that. Basically if you are going to lie in one of these profiles you are going to be caught in a trap because you are telling a lot of people things that you really are not. But if someone does make one of these profiles that they are lying in would this be somebody you would want to spend the rest of your life with? Most likely not because if you lie about yourself now what is going to stop you from lying to your partner in a relationship.

When giving someone the first impression of yourself it is most likely not wise to say "Why you should get to know me[…] Because I have condoms in my back pocket but don't hit on anyone . I'm quiet, complacent, pretty, and utterly diabolical" (277) as Egan quotes from an online profile. Because this is said you can come off to many different people as very arrogant and cocky. Who would really want to get into a relationship with someone that says they...
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