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Topics: Communication, Education, E-learning Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes
The process of selecting classes can be frustrating and overwhelming for students. Before choosing classes to attend, students must first consider an online or traditional class. With the rising costs of education, more students are choosing online classes. Both online and traditional education have many differences, however, the end result is the same. People need to know the differences between online classes vs. traditional classes so they can decide what best fits their learning style. Communication, flexibility, and self-discipline are similar to both online and traditional classes; there is no effortless choice when it comes to a student’s education. Communication is important with professors. All students have a question or two with assignments or clarification about a grade. Online classes offer many forms of communication. Students may contact professors through e-mail, instant messaging, phone, and sometimes video chat. Traditional classrooms offer a more personal level of education. A traditional classroom gives the students a chance to build a personal relationship with their professors. It is good for students who are visual or hands on learners to be in a traditional classroom. Students learn better communications skills, which will lead to better writing and speaking skills. All students enrolled in an online class as well as a traditional class have a financial aid advisor as well as an academic advisors to help guide students in the right direction. As a student it is important to have a social life to help balance the stress that school may bring. Attending an online class makes it difficult to form study groups, but not impossible. Sometimes, students must participate in group projects. Socialization is up to the student, students can be as social as they want. For students who are easily distracted or fidgety, online education may be the best option. One cool thing about taking an online class is...
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