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Online Classes

By brigodwin May 28, 2013 1116 Words
Taking courses online has become a growing trend nationwide. Instead of the traditional classroom setting, many students have adapted to taking their classes online. Students who take online classes are open to a much more flexible lifestyle. Online classes are a positive alternative to the classroom setting most students are accustomed to. Online classes offer the same material traditional classes do, but in a computer-generated space. Online classes definitely beat the norm, and give students the opportunity to learn outside of a classroom. Students should open up to taking classes online, and if they do, they will find a positive outcome based on their decision. Many students struggle with maintaining good grades and very hectic schedules. Online classes give students the opportunity to have a flexible lifestyle. People who often disagree with online classes are unaware of the flexibility that comes with it. They are often more accustomed to the traditional classroom setting, and they are not willing to go outside of their comfort zone. With the classes being on the computer, students can work whenever and wherever they want. Kimberly Metz claims that “by having the flexibility to participate in online learning anytime and anyplace, students . . . can participate in the online course components during convenient times” (1). It is extremely convenient to be able to log onto a computer anywhere and finish an assignment. I am currently enrolled in two online classes. I thoroughly enjoy being able to work on computers at the high school, the college, and the public library. It is also nice to be able to work on my online class during any time of the day. There have been a few cases when I had to work all through the night to finish an assignment. I am also able to complete assignments in between classes during the day. Whenever I can find the time, I am always working on my online classes. Online school is also convenient because of the idea, “school in your pajamas.” I am literally able to complete my online school assignments lying in my bed and in the comfort of my pajamas. Online classes are a terrific idea for women with children or people who are working and going to school simultaneously. “Online Education” reports that “the flexibility of the format benefits students, particularly older ones who have full-time jobs or families” (1). Women with children would be better suited to online school because it would be easier to take care of their child while taking online classes from home instead of having to pay daycare while they attended class. People who are working could fit school around their work schedules much easier if they were taking classes online instead of in a classroom. Taking classes online is a definite plus because it lets students have more flexibility in their schedules. Big issues all students have in school in making sure their teachers are teaching at a pace they understand. Taking classes online lets students have the freedom to work at their own pace. Those against online learning often say staying on pace takes too much responsibility. In reality, traditional classes take the same amount of responsibility as online classes do. Also, in a regular classroom environment it is vital that students work at the pace of the teacher. No matter how fast or slow the teachers work, their pace is the pace the entire classroom is working. With online classes, this is not the case. Taking a class online, students have the freedom to work at whatever pace they want. Kimberly Metz exposes that “in one survey, students indicated that the second highest reason to take an online course was to work at their own pace” (3). Students can work as quickly as they want or as slowly as they want. If students are taking an easy class, they are able to whiz through and finish it in up to six weeks. If students are taking a hard class they are able to take their time and finish it whenever they have taken the time to learn the material. Online classes make students feel liberated from the chains of having to work at the teacher’s pace. It is a common knowledge that not all students work at the same pace as the teacher, and sometimes students need extra help because they learn more slowly than others. Ray McNulty indicates that “learners who struggle in traditional programs find that asynchronous delivery and other elements of distance learning allow them to eliminate obstacles and forge pathways to learning success” (3). With online classes students are able to set their own pace to whatever is comfortable for them. Students benefit from this because it helps them learn their material and make better grades on their tests. It is obvious that online classes are helpful because students are able to set their own pace, and they are able to learn at a speed that is most comfortable to them. The most beneficial factor behind taking online classes is that students are able to read the lesson as many times as they want. As opposed to sitting in a classroom and only hearing the lesson once, students who take classes online can open up their lesson and read, take notes, and study as much as they want. ”Online Education” takes viewpoints of the supporters of distance learning and confirms that “the ability to review materials such as past lectures online is also advantageous” (1). Taking notes from a teacher lecturing can often be easy to miss something. With online classes it is easy to return to the lesson as much needed. If students do not understand their lesson the first time, they can read it over and over until it is understood. Students do not have to take their tests on a certain date. “Online Education” clarifies that “supporters also argue that distance learning facilitates studying by making course materials--such as video recording or transcripts of class lectures--available online for students to review at their convenience” (2). Instead of having a certain test day to have all the material studied by, they can study the lesson until they understand it. Students are able to study and take the test when they are ready. Students will very much benefit from taking online classes because they have as much study time as needed. Students who take online classes are definitely at a greater advantage than the ones who do not. Online classes are very beneficial, and they can help struggling students who need some extra help. Online classes do take responsibility, but the advantages very much outweigh the disadvantages. All students should open up to taking classes online.

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