Online Cause and Effect Essay

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What is a kitchen? Is it used to make food and drink coffee? Might there be other reasons why a kitchen is not just a kitchen? You see, my daughter and I love the kitchen. We have all the equipment we need. There could be more counter space for us to work together. However, we have figured out ways to manage, even if that means shoving each other around in a fun way. Storage, well that is another area we could improve. We do like to make it a game of hide and seek trying to find all the ingredients. Ever hear of quality time? Our kitchen is our place to spend time together and have fun. The kitchen can be a place for so much more than just cooking! Let me take you into our kitchen and show you how to have some fun. A refrigerator, stove, numerous appliances and utensils fill our kitchen. How we use them, depends on the food we have on hand. It might even determine how we prepare a meal or snack. That is where we get creative and end up thinking outside the box – so to speak. Try closing your eyes and grabbing for a utensil or appliance, use that piece to make your meal. If you chose a table top grill, you just might be having tuna melts or even steak. This all depends on what food you have ready. We each like to pick one food item and our appliance of choice, write it on a piece of paper. The fun begins when we plan our meal around just those items and we have picked the same item and food to prepare. We will add or use other equipment if needed, but to make it fun, just imagine (or google for options) when you want a little creativity! Being creative can be extremely difficult when your day has been busy, with little time to think ‘what’s for supper’; you might hope for a quick and easy meal. That’s when you come home to a project that is taking up all your counter space and your daughter is not home. First, I count to ten and then proceed to the cupboards. I might have all the right foods for a quick meal, but here...
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