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Topics: John Hewitt, Taxation in the United States, Small business Pages: 6 (1077 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Online Business Expansion for Comp-Tax Communications
H. Anechia Wiggins
Western Governors University

Executive Summary
Comp-Tax Communications is a multi-faceted company. They offer services in accounting, personal and business taxes, payroll, business contracts, small business consultation, computer sale & repair, print media design, and video photo editing. The business is owned and operated by Lashonda Simons. It’s a small base woman owned. The team consist primarily the owner and a team of 2 seasonal workers. The company has been in operation since 1999. Ms. Simons has 20 plus years of tax experience business and person, 15 years of computer experience, 5 years of communication. Along with the many years of experience and her educational background consist of a B.S. in accounting, BA in Mass Communication and a M.A. in Human Resource Management. Comp-Tax Communication is located in Fayetteville, NC and serves all 50 states. The intent is to provide the community with a unique service that tailors to the small business needs in the community. Comp-Tax Communications was started with a minimum startup cost of $2,000.00, for the tax software. During that time she was working for a computer company that was family owned. They were renovating the office and decided to donate all their old office supplies to her. Objectives:

Expand to commercial office space.
Expand social media and online accessibility.
To retain and increase new customers and maintain the loyalty of the established customers. Mission:
To provide small business and business entrepreneurs with a training center that gives them the tools needed to start and maintain a business. To provide a similar center that would cater to the High school and college students to prepare them for entering the business word such as: providing slightly used business attire, resume preparation. The means needed to make an everlasting impression with the customers and future business investors. Validity of Product:

Comp-Tax Communications was founded 1999 specializing in accounting. It’s a small woman ran by the owner Lashanda Simons, and 2 seasonal employees. Each year her cliental has grown along with the services provided. It is a multifaceted business that services Fayetteville, NC and all 50 states. Company’s Mission:

Comp-Tax Communications started out as an accounting tax business. It has expanded its services to focus on multiple needs of a business.

The business is located in Fayetteville, NC a military town. The cliental the business has gained from the military families has continued to be loyal customers in different states. This has allowed the business to do taxes and provide other services. This has identified a great need for the business to expand into the online environments: One of the advantages of e-commerce would be allowing the clients to access the website 24 hours a day. The business already provides tax services year round this would enhance that service of availability. This would allow clients in different time zones to still be able to have their service needs met. E-Commerce would allow clients to schedule their appointment. Would allow an opportunity to pay for services rendered on line. It would allow the business to grow in cliental revenues, and marketing products. The online marketing would increase exposure to large businesses and more clients. Clients would be able to choose from a vast amount of services and products. The option to have all their business needs handled in one business. To provide better prices with bundling services. The flexibility of not having to leave their home, able to purchase how to materials, and convenience of paying on line. This will provide the convenience of saving time standing in line for product or services or delay in services. Comp-Tax Communications will give a discounted rate for bundling, loyalty incentive, referral fee, and friends and family....

References: Simons, L. (2013, 07 13). Interview by H Wiggins [Personal Interview]. The Foundation and Success of Comp-Tax Communications., Fayetteville NC.
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