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Are you planning to start your own business? A business that is easy to manage with a cheaper starting capital? A home-based business?
As years passed by, many things are invented and improvised. And for this reason, we are already engaged in a high technology society. You look around, everyone knows how to use computers. And everybody will not allow not to have a cellphone.

Did you know that your computer and cellphone can help you to earn money? Instead of just browsing your social networking sites,why don't you also conduct your own business at the same time? Background of the Study

Online Business or Electronic Business (e-business) is a term used to described businesses that is run on the internet using a computer or a cellphone.
Online trading began in the 1900s with the advent of the Internet. Where traders once had to physically call in their transactions, online trading opened a new window of opportunity. Traders were able to place their transactions independent of an external factor. Online security firms became the new way to conduct businesses. CompuServe came on the scene in 1969 as the first major online service company. By the mid-1980s, it was considered a giant in its field.

The birth of online trading came with the debut of the Internet. Prior to this, everyone who traded placed their order through a broker or agency who greatly influenced their purchase decisions. As a matter of fact, only large businesses had access to the web before 1979. Today, however, daily investments are made by individuals through the Internet as online trading continues to remain one of society's most popular ventures.

These are some highlights and history of selling online.
And now, let's know more about THE PROCESS OF E-BUSINESS.

I. Choose Your Desired Business
A. Your Own Interest
Do what you love. When you are going to conduct your own business, you must consider your own interest. Because, if you won't do this, there is a tendency that your business will not work well. There is a tendency that you will not able to manage your own business well. And it is more helpful because in the first place,you are going to enjoy what you are doing. Its really important that you are enjoying what you do. B. What Does the Public Want?

You can also consider the opinion of the public. Or you must start your business based on what is “in” for the year. People nowadays are becoming very curious on the things like fashions. Even about their crazes and fads. Eventhough they don't need it already, just to stay in or experience the latest addictions of most of the people. C. Trying a Unique Business.

Conducting a business that is unique is really good. Or in other words, you are the first one to conduct it, is really cool to the public. Especially when your business is really amazing and what people will say when they hear about your business. For example, because there are a lot of people that is engage in online selling, you must make your own design. And create your own name that people will remember instantly. People in this time are addicted to gadgets like cameras, cellphones, laptops and many others. So why don't you try to make your own design of bags for it? To make there gadgets be comfortable and safer when they will bring it wherever they go.

II. Get Connected to the Internet
A. What things are needed to get your online business started? a. Computer
It is an electronic device that can perform computation or process data without the intervention of a human. It can do arithmetic operations, perform logical operations an input and output data. Data processing means using a computer routinely to process data and other types of information. b. Software

It enables you to send emails,browse the web and keep your computer secure.
Software includes programs, for using instructing the computer. Built-in system software constitute a program that...
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