Online Billing and Reservation

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Chapter 1


1.1 Background of the Study

Online Billing and Reservation System is one of the most in-demand systems all over the world. It’s because of the grossing industry of hotels and resorts. There are many advantages in this system like security for the owner, easy to use, and gives convenience to the customers.

Security helps the owner and its crew to assure that the customers will not waste their time in reserving some facilities and owners can make plans ahead of time. It is also easy to use because it is user-friendly. The forms are readable and easy to understand. Also, this gives convenience to the customers because they don’t need to go in the place just to reserve a day or event. The system has the information about the company but there is a hotline so that the customers can contact them for further information. Reservation is the most important part in hotels and resorts. This helps the establishment to know the capacity of the guests, when it will be held, the rooms and the things needed in a particular event.

Manual reservation is a risk. Why? Anytime, the one who is getting the information of the guests may have some error and this will be a down to the business. Making this manual reservation to an automatic way is a big impact to the business. This will lessen errors; avoid bogus guests and especially, a more convenient way to the guest and also for the owner. Getting information from the guests through phone may result in errors. This may happen if the one who got the information misheard or forgot any information. So, in automatic reservation, the guests will input their information in an online form and all the information will be sent to a database on the company. This may avoid getting errors and missing data. This will also help avoid bogus customers because the company can contact the guest with the full information they inputted in the form. This is more convenient for the guests and the owner because they don’t need to write manually all the information about the reservation because it is fast and more secured than any manual process.

This study is for the 5k Resort in Buncal, Laguna. It is owned by The Jordan Family mainly Mrs. Marites B. Jordan. It is likely to be a modern vacation spot that gives a relaxing ambiance to all the guests.

The resort was first planned to only be a rest house of the family. Mrs. Jordan’s husband knew the place because of his friend. They bought a lot in Buncal and planned to make a rest house for them to enjoy in vacation. The time came when they thought of making a business instead because the house will be used only once in a year. So, after a month, they renovated the rest house plan to a resort to make it profitable. It is a 3-floor modern house with and infinity pool. The infinity pool have 12 shooting fountains, falls, 4 bed benches and pool lights that is lit by night. It has 3 air conditioned rooms and 2 air conditioned family room that is suited for group of persons. It has other amenities like videoke, billiards, and gazebo. There are 2 function areas: the Terrace Function Area and the Pavilion. The Terrace Function Area has bars, tables, chairs and disco light but is used by night time. This area can be occupied by 50 persons and best to use for simple meetings and gatherings. The pavilion can be occupied by 100 persons and is best for weddings, debuts and other events that need more space.

5k resort was finished last December 2011 and the family used it first. They opened it to the public by January 2012 until now. The 5k Resort’s mission is to give customers a time for them to enjoy but will not let them waste big money just to get or experience the luxury of being with others while relaxing.

1.2 Statement of the Research Problem

Based on the researched conducted, the researchers found out that the company has only manual reservation which led them the difficulty to identify if...
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