Online Banking in Pakistan

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In the name of Allah, the most beneficent & the Merciful.

Firstly, we all likely to thank mighty Allah who provides us knowledge, energy & skills to get opportunities & to increase our knowledge & experience by completing this report.

Secondly, we especially thank to our instructor Ms. AYESHA SHUAKAT who guides us at every step & every aspect of this research, so that’s competed successfully.

Executive Summary
It is the modern era and also the era of technologies is changing covered improvement day by day.
Banking is now one of the most growing sector in Pakistan. Now a day banking sector is moving toward technology in its operations. That is why in banking sector the phenomenon of Internet Banking have been introduced. With the introduction of these new phenomena in Banking Sector enhanced customer more than Traditional Banking. So we decided to conduct a research on the perception of customer of internet banking quality services and its impact on customer satisfaction.

In the very binging of this research we went through several dimensions to better define our problem and we initially conduct a pilot survey by visiting several Banks which give the facility of internet banking and next we understand the procedure of Internet Banking.

Finally we come up to conduct research on the topic of Internet Banking. We collect data from the structured questionnaire by Businessman, students and employees of Banks.
The purpose of our research to know about this technology, customer trend towards internet banking service, its s facilities and its defaults. and to add something in the existing body and give implication that would help in improving the quality of this service. It will help Banks Managers to provide the customer perception about your services.


In recent years, the banking sector has been an interesting case for service innovation as it moves toward using the web for commercial purpose through Internet banking. Internet banking allows customers to have direct access to their financial information and to undertake financial transaction with no need to go to bank.

From the banks viewpoint, use of internet banking is expected to lead to cost reductions and improved competitiveness. This service delivery channel is seen as powerful because it can retain current web_based customers who continue using bank service from any location.

Moreover Internet banking provides opportunities for the bank to develop its market by attracting a new customer base from existing Internet users.

Relatively little research has addressed the issue of barriers to Internet banking adoption. Prior studies frequently focus on positive aspects of Internet banking, e.g.benefits.

This research therefore, aims to identify how customers perceive Internet banking provided to the customer of BAHAWALPUR.

Literature Review

The Indian financial services industry is undergoing rapid change and becoming intensely competitive. Traditional and new players both are trying to protect their customer base, and they also compete for new business. The advances in information technology are becoming an important factor to the future development of financial services industry especially the banking industry (Kannabiran and Narayan, 2005). Although technology adoption by the banking industry in many countries around the world has been at a very high level, the process has been slow in India, over the last...
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