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Chapter I
Introduction to Project
The chapter describes the basic premise of the project. It also sets forward the path in which the project was planned and is being completed. Background
As a student of Fourth Semester MBA with specialization in Finance and Marketing, I was searching for a project area which should go along with my career in Finance division of banking industry and utilizes most of my Finance skills and knowledge. So it was narrowed down to the study of Internet Banking.

The main objectives of the study are:
• To understand the concept of Internet banking and importance, to bank as well as customers.

• To get aware of various aspects of net banking

• To build up SWOC analysis of Internet banking.
• To build up various solutions for drawbacks in net banking Scope of study
The study is made taking consideration of whole State Bank of India. With reference to experience availed at Amravati camp branch. Need of the Study
This study is needed to find out the working of Internet Banking of SBI and its importance to customer as well as to bank.

Data Collection
The data is to be collected from website of different banks and Reserve Bank of India. The project is divided into various chapters dealing with various issues in the project. There are in total seven chapters. The title of each chapter is shown below:

Chapter I contain Introduction to Project,
Chapter II contain History of Internet Banking
Chapter II contains working of internet banking in SBI Chapter IV SWOC analysis
Chapter V contain the Recommendations and Suggestions
Chapter VI will be Conclusion

Future scope
The study of this topic will help to get the knowledge about process of internet banking and usefulness to banking industry. As the study contains the 360 degree information regarding SBI and its internet banking, Hence the study will lead to new ways to tackle the problems and the SWOC of SBI in respect of internet banking. This was all about how the project will go ahead and the findings from it. The next chapter deals with the Company Profiles

Chapter 2
The chapter describes in brief about INTERNET BANKING. Internet:-

There is a sea change in the media world. While most consumers see the news papers, the same magazines and listen to the same radio programs, behind this bland public exterior there is a seething world of innovation, acquisition, global partnership and divorces, births and deaths… all of it most readily interpreted as the inevitable result of the technological revolution that is in the process of merging telephones, computers, televisions in to a single all singing, all dancing magic kit that will, very possible, change all of our lives more than we can imagine some day

There are 2 ways you can respond to this 1 is to panic, which may mean simply curling up in a corner and wishing that it would all go away. The other is to embrace the new religion with messianic fervor and go out to proclaim the millennium. I welcome you to the new emerging world of the Info-High-Way, destined to redefine the world of communications:


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. And true, it is seeds of Internet were sown in the ashes of the world war

Having bombed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, US military was forced to provide the answer to the question – What if someone bombed the USA? So for many years after the war, most of the US military research concentrated on ways and means to survive the nuclear holocaust. And one of the most important strategic problems was- “How would us authorities communicate with each other in the aftermath of a nuclear attack?” computers were already there. But, communication networks were connected to each in a private fashion- in sort of...
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