Online Banking

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Online banking(Internet banking or E-banking) allows customers of a financial institution to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by the institution, which can be a retail or virtualbank, credit union or building society. It may include of any transactions related to online usage. Online banking lets you take of your banking needs by logging on to your bank's website with a customer number or user name and password, same financial institutions have set up additional security steps for access, but there is no consistency to the approach adopted. You can access your checking, savings, credit card, mortgage and loan accounts with just a few mouse clicks, anytime and anywhere. There are several advantages of using online banking, you don't have to leave your home place to do your banking services, you can access your accounts online in a matter of seconds. Internet banking is an environmentally friendly option. You can choose to receive your monthly statements electronically instead of by mail and save a lot of paper in the process. You can view your statements in order of date and are likely to find the information you're looking for quicker than flipping through pages of old paper statements. This system can help you stay more organized and save space. ONLINE BANKING RISKS

Online banking creates new risk control challenges for national banks. From a supervisory perspective, risk is the potential that events, expected or unexpected, may have an adverse impact on banks’ earning or capital. Effective management of a banking regular activity requires that bank authority have understood and control the bank’s risk culture. Therefore, in our paper firstly we are going to analyze price risks associated with Internet Banking ONLINE PRICE RISK

The Term Risk means financial risk or uncertainty of financial loss. If we consider risk in terms of probability of occurrence frequently,...

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