One's View of God

Topics: God, Transcendence, Theology Pages: 4 (979 words) Published: December 5, 2005
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What is God like? What does God do?

One's view of God affects all of one's life.

Big policeman who corrects people who stray from truth/sin.
"Acts of God" hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes…
Grandfatherly, indulgent, kindly old gentleman.

Trinity – debated at one time, have to believe to be a Xian? UPC Transcendence, God is above all. Immanence, God is close.
Can God work through nature? (evolution)

Is God fixed and unchanging? Or does he grow and develop like the rest of the universe?

"The study of God's nature should be a means to a more accurate understanding and a closer personal relationship with him."

Not belief in the "great whatever."


1.The characteristics of God's nature, who he is (not what he does – creating, guiding, preserving). 2.Of the entire Godhead, not "properties" of each person of the Trinity (functions, activities, acts). 3.Permanent qualities, cannot be gained or lost, intrinsic. 4.Not our conceptions projected on God, objective in nature. 5.They are his nature, not fragmentary parts. God is his love, holiness, power, etc. But these attributes are different ways at getting at who God is.

Attributes of Greatness (moral/natural attributes)

I. Spirituality – God is Spirit

1.Not matter, does not possess physical nature. John 4.24, God is spirit. 2.Not limited spatially or geographically. John 4.21, not destructible 3.Hands and feet? Anthropomorphisms – truth about God with human analogies. 4.Theophanies – temporary manifestations of God

5.Spirituality counters the idolatry and nature worship of other religions, God can't be represented with objects or likenesses.

II. Personality – God is personal, an individual being, with self-consciousness and will, capable of feeling, choosing, and having reciprocal relationship with other personal and social beings.

1.God has a name by which he reveals himself, "I am" or "I will be" (Yahweh / Jehovah /...
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