One Year Off

Topics: High school, College, Learning Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: June 26, 2011
One Year Off – Good or Bad

After graduate high school, students can have a one year off to do everything they want. This is not only a chance but also a challenge. It might be good if they try to work usefully. However, by its serious effects, having a year off should not be done when high school students graduate. First of all, taking one year off make students forget knowledge which be learned in high school. This is dangerous because knowledge in high school is foundation when you have a college exam. In Viet Nam, eight subjects , include Math, Physical, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, Philosophy, History and English, are the important subjects that always are in high school graduation test and college exam. If they have a taking one year off and then come back to the exam, they would forget learning. This is hard for them to pass. Moreover, studying continuously, students could absorb new knowledge and understand them easier. Secondly, when having a year off, many students waste of time to do nothing. They stay at their home and only play game. Taking one year off make them graduate one year later. Therefore, if students have nothing to do, they should study continuously and take part in university. Especially woman, the age is also a problem when they apply for a job. Employer usually choose the younger because of their zealousness and energetic. Thus, studying in university and graduating as soon as possible is better than staying at home and doing nothing. In relation to society, things that students do in a year off might be negative. Taking one year off, students could do anything they want that would not be controlled by parents. They could meet with social evil that they do not know about it. It is safer that schools with rules and policy protect students from negative factor. In conclusion, high school students should not have a year off after graduate. It not only make them forget their knowledge that they study in high school, but also waste of...
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