One word that has changed the world

Topics: Steve Jobs, Innovation, Apple Store Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Do you love apples? Well, Ido love apples! However, it is not because it’s nutritious, instead, it haschanged world. Why? You may ask, or you may come to realize that Job’s productsof apple brand have indeed brought us dramatic changes. You’re partially right! Actually, in the longprocess of history, there are three apples that have exerted significant impacton us. One was bitten by Eva, one fell on Newton’s head, and another on is inthe hand of Steven Jobs. The three great apples have shaped a brand-new worldwith a fire-new outlook. The three great apples have signified a fusion of curiosity,intelligence, innovation and technology. The three great apples have endowed uswith a window to look through an unknown world, to explore, to innovate, toprogress and to advance. Eva’s apple is a metaphor of human’s curiosity. Curiosity is a child-like sense of wonder, making usquestion things that others do not even notice. Einstein once put it “I’mneither especially clever nor especially gifted, I’m only very, very curious.” Hewent on to say that, “the important thing is not to stop questioning.” Withthis regard, he proposed the relativity theory, a milestone in physics, aleapfrog of human development. Stories like this happen all the time. Becauseof curiosity, we have been eager to explore the outer space, is there anyliving creature in outer space, is there any possibility to live on otherplanets so that helping release huge burden of congestion, climate variationand other knotty issues. Curiosity drives us to the journey of exploration ofthis mysterious and unfathomable world. Curiosity propels us to figure out allthe truths and facts. Newton’s apple is amanifestation of human’s intelligence. We can speak, we can create, we can makea difference. All these features have distinguished us as a unique creature, justa saying goes” there’s nothing as precious as humans in the world”. Thanks tointelligence, our ancient ancestors have created a brilliant civilization...
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