one word that describes me

Topics: Citizen Kane, Emotion, Black-and-white films Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: May 8, 2015
One Word That Describes Me
What’s one word that describes me? That’s the question that I have pondered for a long time. Honestly, until watching Citizen Kane and being forced to write this essay, I had no idea. To narrow down one word that fully describes me is a very difficult this to do. I have to look within to see what really matters to me and what words complexly engulf my personality. I believe that the one word that represents me is adventurous.

Every year my family plans to gather themselves in an obscure and secluded location to bond with one another and participate in an adventurous event. Circa age 10 I fashioned a zip-line in my back yard from an Oak Tree to the crevice of the corner of our shed. Even at a young age I was always searching for a way to have fun and to show off my fearlessness like any normal kid. Every year I’d enjoy our vacation because I got to relive being carefree and vivacious in the presence of my loved ones. Whenever I hear the word adventurous there is a light that goes off in my brain that instantly brings this feeling of warmth and familiarity upon me. It reminds me of my childhood how I love trying new things. In Citizen Kane his word Rosebud also has a similar effect on him. Rosebud was his sled that connects back to his childhood when his innocence was preserved. He had a great future ahead of him at the time and could have imagined anything that he wanted. As Kane grew he loss that innocence but did not forget the item that represented it. No matter what I go through in life I have to remember to be adventurous because life is what you make it. If you do go out and be someone you will never experience the finer things in life. I can relate to Kane in that he wanted to be a person who would stand up for the underdog. I hope that one day I could do the same and that I would never lose my innocence like he did. Kane let the desire to control his dreams affect his grasp on what he was trying to accomplish. When I am given...
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