One Tree Hill

Topics: Lyrics, Song, 1990s music groups Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: December 5, 2006
OK, so I'm listening to this song by Nada Surf called… Always Love and there's this lyric, um, ‘to make a mountain of your life is just a choice'.  (pause)  Well, if that's true, then lately I've been making mine into Mount Everest. There's,… I don't know, been a lot of stuff happening and I've been letting it get to me. So,… that's what brings me here. I'll probably just delete this anyway. Um,… OK, my dad said I should talk to someone so I'm talking to you – all of you. Where do I begin? Um, well, I-I guess until a few days ago I thought my mom was my mom and my dad was my dad. Have you ever had something that you just, OK, you knew it was true; something you never wondered about, it was just… it just is. And then… all of a sudden, it turns out to be a lie. OK, sorry, I know this is all probably making zero sense so maybe I should back things up and give you the ‘previously on…'. Um,… when I was eight years old, my-my mom ran a red light and somebody else's mom ran into her. I mean, she went to the hospital but she died. My mom, I mean, not somebody else's. Uh, then, not long ago, she came back. I mean, she wasn't like… like a zombie or a vampire, she was a brand new mom – Ellie, hmmm, pretty effed up, right? I mean, how do you react to something like that? How'd she think I'd handle her showing up and telling me she's my long lost mother? Did she think I'd jump for joy and invite her to a mother-daughter bake-off? Do they even have one of those? Anyway, i-it gets worse; today I came home to find Ellie in my room.  (pause)  I mean, what the hell is my dad thinking? My room, you know, it's-it's the one place on the planet where I can actually feel safe. You know, I can't even tell you how angry I was when I saw Ellie holding my sketches. I just like, like flippin' threw em like it was junk mail. Anyway, I said some things and then… I started crying like a girl and I stormed out and now I'm thinking – you know, why the hell did I leave? It's my room; they...
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