One Today: Poem Analysis

Topics: Writing, Essay, Thought, Learning, Paper, Writing process / Pages: 1 (218 words) / Published: Apr 18th, 2016
In the above lines pulled from the poem "One Today", I put the words in bold that I would change if I had been the author. I would change the word "write" to deliver, because anyone can write a poem, but Blanco was stating that his mothers hard work got him where he is today, and not everyone is able to deliver a speech at a presidential inauguration. In the second and third examples, I would change "hear" to observe and "tired" to weary, as I believe those are stronger word choices that will get the authors point across with more conviction. I would change the word "head" in the fourth example to trudge, because in the following lines, he gives examples of hardship and is trying to convey how exhausted the person is. Finally, I would change

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