One Tier Canadian Health Care System

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Economics Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: March 16, 2010
■ One tier health care system struggles when government cannot sustain the demand and needs of the public.

Closing beds- 300 hospital beds are shut down in British Columbia due to much more increasing demand for a never-ending commodity. Overlooking to the future, increasing costs for the maintenance of health care will result to more hospitals closing. The certainty of the demand is there but the fund will be questionable.

Inadequate diagnostic equipments- Instead of buying more equipment, to accommodate the lineups , the government will tighten its belt and buy one and let hundreds to share a soon-to-be old piece apparatuses. Canada had an average of 4.1 Ct scanners in 1000 population compared to average of 7.9 scanners set by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation Development) countries.

Limited supplies because of increasing cost- Increasing cost of the supplies are inevitable so in order to sustain the system the government will have to give more budgets to meet the infinite demand of the supplies. But these supplies also increase the supposed –to-be budget of the government to health care services. In effect, the government cannot accommodate the increasing costs of supplies.

Decreasing health care services- Due to increasing cost of new technology and its maintenance, the government will settle for something less effective way of treating patients. A device called Synchromed, an implantable drug infusion pump, that has to be mixed with an antispasmodic drug, can be much more useful for trauma, diseases like multiple sclerosis, to gain mobility and independence to control pain. But Canada does not have the $8000 device, which can also save the treatment costs too by getting the right treatment right away.

(Zh, 2006)
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