One Symbolic Death Camp

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Extermination camp Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Joao Neto
Kathy Najafi
Extermination camp (in German) was the term applied to a group of camps built by Nazi German during World War II with the express purpose of killing the "enemies" of the Nazi regime (Jews, Roma Gypsies, prisoners of Soviet war, as well as Polish and other). All this is part of the Holocaust and called Final Solution of the Jewish question, the plan to (in the words of Nazi) “German lands clean of the Jewish people”. These fields are also known as "death camps". The most common method of execution in these camps was by Zyklon B a gas that was used in the famous gas chambers, although many prisoners were executed by firing squad and other means. The dead bodies were destroyed in crematoria (except at Sobibor – extermination camp- where they were cremated on outdoor pyres), and the ashes buried or scattered. The Auschwitz was one of the most symbolic death camps at that time because was the one where healthy prisoners were kept alive and forced to become slaves rather than immediately killed. In others death camps were only used to kill people, nothing else. One Symbolic Death Camp

The system of death camps has become a society of total domination, only when healthy inmates were kept alive and forced to become slaves rather than immediately killed to reiterate, while the fields [Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno] served the sole purpose of killing prisoners. One can speak of the fields as fields of mass killing but not as a new type of human society. Most of the literature on the field has tended to emphasize the role of the camps as places of execution. Unfortunately, few ethical theorists or religious thinkers have paid attention to the highly significant political fact that the fields were in fact a new form of human society. Only when the death-row inmates were kept alive for longer, a new society was developed. It was in the Auschwitz extermination more efficient system, the gas...

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