One-Party State: Texas vs. Oklahoma

Topics: Democratic Party, American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: October 24, 2014
Describe the history of Texas as a one-party state.
Texas: For over a 100 years Texas was a one-party state of Democrats (Munisteri). Republicans did not have a chance until Abraham Lincoln who was against slavery and defended the Union during the Civil War. During this time before Republicans took over Texas was free-willed and won majority of seats in the race and had all seats in Legislature. One of the best ways to describe this era was best stated by Author Steven, “developed a free spirit, a pride in self-reliance and a work ethic that is still unmatched today “Early Texans lived, loved and died entirely by their own efforts without relying on government to fulfill their needs. Just like modern Texans, early settlers believed in families, churches and neighbors, not in bureaucracy” (Munisteri). Oklahoma: Just like the Texans, Oklahoma was always a one-party state of Democrats. It was secured in the Democratic Party and Republican did not have a chance. Even in 1964 Republicans won their first election, the Democrats still held 81% of seats (Gaddie). In the 1990’s Republican took over and still run the show.

Which party dominated Texas politics (for most of Texas's history after the 1876 Constitution), and what are the historical origins behind this dominance? Texas: Democrats dominated Texas politics from 1863 to 1980. Still Democrats remained powerful, they gradually drowned. The Cause of this power was Texas did not vote in 1864 and 1868 due to the Civil War and Reconstruction and from 1902 through 1965, Texas had basically stopped most blacks and many Latinos and poor whites through the poll tax and white primaries by not allowing them to register to vote.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma was dominated by Democrats almost their entire existence. From 1907 up until the 1990’s the Democratic Party ran Oklahoma as a state. The reason for this is stated in the article written by Gaddie, “For decades the bedrock of Democratic Party strength has been the...
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