One-Off Activity

Topics: New product development, Marketing, Product management Pages: 4 (842 words) Published: December 23, 2010
Explain why the process of new product development is frequently represented as a linear process.

Activity-based models of new product development have come to dominate thinking on the subject of NPD. Unfortunately, many new marketing management textbooks continue to represent the process as a linear activity with no provision for feedback. Moreover, new ideas can be generated from many different sources, including marketing and manufacturing. The linear activity-based models do not recongise this.

Question 2
Explain why screening should be viewed as a continual rather than a one-off activity.

The screening-of-product idea is essentially an evaluation process. It is important to note that it is not a single, one-off activity, as is portrayed in many textbooks. It occurs at every stage of the new product development process, and question such as: - Do we have the necessary commercial knowledge and experience? - Do we have the technical know-how to develop the idea further? - Would such a product be suitable for our business?

- Are we sure there will be sufficient demand?

Question 3
Discuss how the various groups of NPD models have contributed to our understanding of the subject of NPD.

This question requires students to examine and identify the strengths and limitations of the various models of NPD. All have made a contribution to our understanding of the subject and all have limitations. Together, however, they provide a clearer picture of the NPD process.

Question 4
Evaluate the wide range of product development opportunities that exist.

Ongoing corporate planning
The effect of any corporate planning may be important and long term. For example, the decision by a sport footwear manufacturer to exit the tennis market and concentrate on the basketball market due to changing social trends will have a significant impact on the business. Ongoing market planning

Decisions by market planners may have equally...
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