One Minute Manager

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One Minute Goal Setting
The first secret is One Minute Goals. This involves a meeting of the manager and the employee where goals are agreed on, written down in a brief statement, and occasionally reviewed to ensure that productivity is occurring. This whole process takes a "minute", which truly means it is a quick meeting, however it is not limited to just sixty seconds. The purpose of one minute goal setting is to confirm that responsibilities of each working is understood, understanding that confusion leads to inefficiency and discouragement.

The principle of one minute goals is to set a direction of every single person in the organization. There should be allocation of clear responsibilities and accountability. Goal and performance should be written in less than 250 words on one piece of paper which is followed by assessment of difference between performance and goals. Our behavior should be in conformity with our goals.

Lesson 1: One-minute praise
Many UK managers remain very poor at giving recognition and praise. Whilst it may not seem sincere to repeatedly say ‘thank you’ to employees every time they just do their normal job, there must be a happy medium between a torrent of premeditated ‘thank yous’ and taking their normal competent efforts for granted. There is much debate over the value of formal versus informal recognition schemes. This is not the place to add to it (see Ray Robertson’s article in the last issue of Stakeholder for a much more authoritative review), but there is no doubt that staff do value spontaneous recognition from both immediate and senior management for their efforts and achievements. Importantly, this also reinforces those desirable attitudes and behaviours that the organisation wants to encourage.

The first is the "One minute Goal Setting". This is about writing down 1-pg decription of the details of the task to be done and clarify and have a good understanding of the same with the subordinate. This certainly does not take much of a time - so something around 1-min. Subordinate now knows what exactly has to be done.

The first secret is One Minute Goal Setting. Which is setting goals that are obtainable, know what good behavior is, writing out each your goals on a single piece of paper using 250 words or less, read and re-read each goal that should only take a minute or so, take a minute every once in a while out of your day to look at your performance, and finally see whether your behavior matches your goals Slide 6

Slide 7

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The second secret is One Minute Praising
The second secret to one minute managing is one minute praisings. This involves being open with people about their performance. When you catch someone doing something right, a goal of the one minute manager, you praise them immediately, telling them specifically what they did correctly. Pause to allow them to "feel" how good you feel regarding their importance to the organization, and finish by shaking hands.

The second principle of praising consists of an attempt to catch people doing something right and praising them instantly. There should be genuine effort to make people feel good about their strengths because the author suggests that ‘only those people who feel good about themselves perform’.

The second is the "One minute praisings". Here the effective leader/manager (think about differences between a manager and a leader) catches the subordinate when he does the right things towards the goal. He then praises the subordinate for the same and builds confidence. Subordinate now knows that he is on right track and is doing right.

The second secret is One Minute Praising. The key to One Minute Praising is to tell people up front that you are going to let them know how they are doing, praise people immediately, tell people what they did right being specific, tell people how good you feel about what they did right, and how it helps the organization and the other people that work there,...
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