One Liners

Topics: 2009 singles, 2002 singles, Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: August 2, 2010
Great One Liners
← You make me feel like a king when am with you, so why don’t you be my queen ← The first fine rupture of love is always strongly felt ← I just hope that one day you will look my way and welcome me into your heart ← You are the most beautiful person that has ever graced the face of the planet ← I think of you and fall in love again

← Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my sweetheart among ladies ← I am always here for you. For better, for worse. Always ← I need you because I want you
← Thank you for getting pretty for me
← You are both tasteful and tasty
← I care about you and I know that some day you will find it in your heart ← The true meaning of love is found in the eyes of the one you truly love ← You are the stream to my heart. Without you I am no more ← If there is anything I need in this world, then it has to be you my darling ← I find you exceptionally and irresistibly beautiful and charming ← You are more to me than you think you are

← Love in the deepest sense includes sharing all parts of ourselves with another ← You know, sometime I just wish that you could look inside my heart and see what you mean to me ← You always say the things I love to hear. If this is not mystery, then what is it? ← Your name alone is enough to sell a product

← The taste of your kiss, oh your lips is just what I need ← I don’t want to loose this feeling and I don’t wonna use it with someone else ← Every day I am discovering your warmth and passion

← People in love are usually crazy and do the oddest things ← Your dreams are not only for you. You can always share them with me ← No amount of water can quench love and no river can wash it away ← Never awaken or arouse love not until it so desires

← You have been a star that has always shone brightly upon me, even when my focus has been elsewhere ← You are- for lack of a...
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