One Lie Leads to Another Lie

Topics: Mother, American films, Black-and-white films Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: June 24, 2013
One lie leads to another
A lie is like a bacteria. It multiplies fast. One lie leads to second, second to third and so on. A person then forgets where he started the lie and where it is going to end. He finds himself in a vicious circle of lie, from where there is no way out. There is a story of a boy named Raju who lived with his parents and sister in a small town. He was a good, obedient son. When the boy was in class IX, he got into the company of some wicked boys. With them, he started indulging in all sorts of mischief. He started bunking classes and his attention from studies got diverted. His parents were unaware of his activities. They thought his son is busy in his studies. The friends were very cunning. They encouraged him to bring money from his home. One day Raju told his mother, he needed money to buy books. His mother happily gave him the money. He and his friends spent the money in smoking and gambling. This was his first lie. Gradually he became a habitual liar. His grades became poor and so instead of showing his report card to his parents, he forged their signature. Once he stole money from his mother’s almirah. When his parents enquired, he put the blame on the domestic servant. The parents naturally believed him and threw the servant out of the house. The lies of Raju increased day by day. One day he asked his father to lend him his bike for one day. He said that his friend’s father is in hospital and he needed to go to see him. As usual, he took the bike for indulging in his mischievous activities. He along with his friend were riding at top speed breaking all traffic rules. One poor old man was going on his bicycle. The bike hit him from behind and he fell on the ground. Raju and his friend also fell. The old man was injured badly. The bike was also damaged. The crowd started gathering. Raju became afraid and he and his friend ran away leaving the bike behind. In the evening, Raju’s father enquired about the bike. He again lied that the...
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