One Key Idea of the Enlightenment That Has Had a Profound Impact on the Modern Western World

Topics: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Early modern period Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: August 9, 2011
Things really have not change as it relates to being a world of discovery and exploration. Our culture today could still be called, “ The Age Of Discovery.” The Age of Discovery connected the middle Ages and the modern era. Then came along the Renaissance movement, which ushered us into the early modern period. During this time a lot of discoveries and explorations were made such as: The exploration of diversity, pointed arches, crusades, trading of spices, new trade routes, astronomy, printing press, scientific revolution, human reasoning, radical paintings, exploration of individualism, eye glasses, telescopes, and the emergence of the whole mechanical model of the universe and its physical laws. Those years of discovery have been building blocks and stepping, stones for our culture today. There are new discoveries all the time in our culture such as: phones, electrical power, medicine, space programs, disease prevention, antibiotics, viruses, nuclear technologies, better roads, new ways of teaching reading and writing, mathematical equations and concepts and I think one of the most important discovery is the computer. Scientists are always looking to discover to make something new or something better. New art technics have been discovered also and many more. Dr. Babcock talked about how during the time of Renaissance people did not see themselves as individuals and I would say as a result of them learning who they were and taking a stand for themselves opened doors for this culture to be bold and daring. After all, the Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun.

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