One Hot Night

Topics: Sleep, Feeling, Alarm clock Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: December 4, 2008
I was returning home from work and noticed the next door neighbor’s house seemed different. The front door was wide open and the house appeared vacant. It seemed a little strange to me. Later, my wife told me the neighbors had moved a day earlier because they were evicted. I argued to myself, “Should I call the owner to let him know that the house was left open?” I decided against it because it was not my problem and proceeded to mow the lawn, weed eat, and sweep. As I was doing these chores I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, feeling though someone was watching me. A few minutes later I looked down the street and saw a man standing in the street staring at me. I went inside for a few minutes and when I returned he was gone. I suppose he made me a little nervous. I felt a little uncertain of the possible new neighbors may cause problems or steal from me. Later that night as I was lying in bed half asleep, I noticed the alarm clock was dark which indicated to me the electricity was off. I glanced at my watch; it said 9:45pm. I told my wife, “Looks like the electricity is off again” then her cell phone rang. She answered the phone and I heard her say, “What!” in a loud concerned tone. She hung up the phone and said, “Our house is on fire!” I didn’t smell smoke and the fire alarm didn’t go off. I was a little confused; I was thinking the attic, shed, the roof or the yard? I scurried in the dark to find my flashlight and clothes, then looked out the kitchen window only to find the neighbor’s house fully engulfed in flames. I could feel the intense heat as I stood several feet away from the window. While my wife was getting our daughter and the dogs, I yelled, “It’s not our house on fire; it’s the neighbors, get out now! The flames are too close!” We quickly ran out the front door and to the end of the driveway. My wife said “get the water hose to cool down our house, now!” So I ran nervously to the opposite side of our house...
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