One Enjoyable Weekend

Topics: SM Prime Holdings, DVD, Shopping mall Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: April 2, 2011
One Fine Sunday. One great day. A day full of fun. A day of enjoyment. Saturday night i had to go straight to my brothers apartment as i am to finished something of which i need a computer and internet connection as my computer had some problems and unfortunately i can’t use at that time (it’s kinda annoying that my PC got some problems when we already have our DSL…duuhhh…). Okay back to that Saturday night. As soon as i get there i already started doing what i need to do but then i can’t resist on chatting with my friends and watching (glimpse on) tv (America’s Next Top Model)while doing that important thing and even my friends log off from YM i find some other thing that will avoid from making me feel sleepy. I watched videos on You Tube. I watched the video of Koike Teppei, japanese singer and actor and he’s really CUTE (hahaha…he looks like a baby…). Mind you i have a lot of things to do (really…hehehe) but then i find that video really entertaining (oh well, yes your right i know that your thinking that i was entertained by it because Koike is really CUTE…hehehe). After watching the video (simultaneously doing that important thing) i continue doing what i am doing (hehehe) until its done. Guess what time i finished doing it (hehehe). Well, i finished it at around eight thirty in the morning and that’s Sunday. My friends of which i am texting Saturday night i already woke up and getting ready to go somewhere while i am getting ready to sleep (hahaha). I replied to them “wow your already awake while i haven’t sleep yet (hahaha)”. Sunday: Me and my friends have a plan to see each other to go shopping and watch movie. At first, we’re not sure if it’ll be possible but then we still see each other even if i only got TWO hours of sleep. Yeah, two hours as i go to bed at around nine and woke at at around eleven to fix myself and see them. We are to meet each other in a mall at around one in the afternoon. I got there just on time and they’re still not there and so i...
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