One Direction

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Anh Dao
November 17th 2013
CST 110 Intro to Communication
Informative Speech Outline
Dreams and Ambitions
Purpose: To inform my audience about how to follow your own dream and path, not following anyone else’s paths because they say you can’t do something. I. Introduction
A. Greeting
Good evening everyone.
B. Attention getter
Today, I’m going to tell you the stories of my life and someone who I looked up to. When I was in middle school, I was a dreamer and so was he. (Visual aid #1)
One day, while watching Fast and Furious with my dad, I told him that when I was older, I would become a racecar driver just like Vin Diesel. My dad checked my temperature after I said that. (Visual aid #2)

Another day I was watching Step Up with my mom and told her I would become a dancer. I would search up dance tutorials on Youtube, watch them over and over again. Practiced in front of the mirror until I got it. But I never got it. And it just annoyed my parent that they kept hearing mammoth footsteps from my room and that they couldn’t sleep. More recently, when I was half asleep on the bus on its way to my school. I was suddenly awakened to this funky song sung by this amazing singer. Then I knew I’d become a singer. Excited for an upcoming school concert. I signed up. Then my friends in school slammed me that no one would like me and that I would be the joke to the school. I doubted myself since then.

C. Credibility statement
As someone who have been following every of his footsteps from he was as small as a fetus. He represents an iconic symbol for having dreams, faith, and to never stop believing in yourself. I would like to inform you about this person.

D. Thesis statement
It didn’t matter how many times you got knocked down on the floor, but you know one day you would have to get up and stand tall. Because everything has to start from something, and something would be nothing if you didn’t believe and have faith in yourself. Where would you be if you didn’t believe.

E. Preview of main points
I’m going to leave with your imagination to figure out whom this person is. I will slowly leave clue about this person. So I will be talking about his not so ideal background, his struggles to superstardom, and his triumphs. This is his story. Transition

II. Body
A. Main point #1
- His background
1. Subordinate point (e.g., "According to…")
- He didn’t have the happiest family, in the world. He didn’t live in the biggest mansion in his neighborhood. And he didn’t even come first place in a school singing competition. a. Support- According to, his mother had him when she was only 18 years old. She had to live through an abusive childhood. Because everyone was pressuring her to abort her child. Because everyone thinks she didn’t have sufficient finance to support for her child, since she worked for a series of low paying office jobs. His parent split when he was 10 months old. (Visual aid #3)

b. Support- He came from a small town called Stratford, Ontario. When he was 12 years old, he wanted to play guitar and sing in front of a shopping mall. He would sit at the steps at the gate of the shopping mall and sing in the cold night. His voice carry out throughout the whole street Every pedestrians would have to stop, pull out their camera and film it. He also joined his school idol competition. With only 12 years of age, he demonstrated a wide range of musical talents. Such as pop, R and B, he even rap for the audience too. Sometime he would bust out dance move that crack the audience. Like the air guitar. His friends were surprised, they would ask him where did all of hose moves come from. However, he fall short in third place. Suffered his first rejection in his singing career. Transition/Signpost Now that I have mentioned his background. I will now talk about his struggles. - B. Main point #2

- His struggles
1. Subordinate point
- At this stage of success, there will be...

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