One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse: A Review

Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: March 21, 2013
The introduction of Herbert Marcuse’s book, “One-dimensional Man,” shows us the problem that a democratic society creates. Though this book was written back in 1964, many can agree that what he says is true in today’s society. Different scenarios are also brought up to show us how things will be affected due to the advancements of technology. Marcuse wants us to see what will happen and what has happened to society through a series of changes. Marcuse talked a lot about the necessities and luxuries of life. He called these the “true needs” and the “repressive needs.” He makes it a point to show us that the changes in society cause us to think differently. Most people are beginning to mistaken the “true needs” with the “repressive needs.” Instead of actually spending their money on things they need for themselves or their families, they splurge. Marcuse believes this to be due to the advancement of technology. Marcuse also believes that the media, in all its forms, influence what the individual believes to be “true needs.” Through social media, we are convinced that we must have something, therefore we go out and get what we want. All of the advertisements that you see are purposely developed so that you would want the product. With this the individual is blinded by what is truly needed and what is wanted. Marcuse compares this kind of behavior to a disease. He states that the individual indulges on these products so that they may satisfy their happiness within. But Marcuse says that this happiness is not a condition which has to be maintained (5). Instead, it is temporary and will go away once this person has satisfied their need. Then what is left is euphoria in unhappiness (5). Marcuse believes that an individual indulges in these “repressive needs” because they want equality. Buying these products give them a sense of equality to others in society. Marcuse believes that they are blinded by these products so much that they don’t even care about “true needs”...
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