One Day Diary

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My one day diary and its explanation
Date: 18th June, 2008 The content I'm feeling uneasy due to stomachache today. It may have happened due to cheap dry food in my lunch. In these days, my learning pace and study habit is decreasing, which have made me worried. Yesterday many of my friends proposed me to go to night dance bar and restaurant for new experience. Although my friends accused me saving money was my motto, I did not accept their proposal. Explanation of my diary events

I begin my writing with my physical illness. My stomachache and uneasy feelings reminded me the western philosophy of mind and self. According to Thompson (2006), Plato describes the self by way of analogy with a city. Just comparing with city, he postulated, the self has three parts; the physical body with its appetites, which animates and drives it, and the thinking mind that rules it. He sees the ideal human life is as integrating its three distinct elements in a hierarchy. According to Thompson(2006), Aristotle sees the self as that which gives form and purpose to the physical body . The uneasy feeling is due to the interaction of mind with the physical body. My concerns towards my physical illness reminded me self care theory. The theory is about the personal health maintenance. It is any activity of an individual, family or community, with intention of improving or restoring health, or treating or preventing disease. Self-care includes all health decisions people (as individuals or consumers) make for themselves and their families to get and stay physically and mentally fit ( In this diary, I have shown eagerness about my physical illness. As I'm the leader of my family, I should be caring about the health situation of family members, but my own interest or my own problem of physical body is being the most important for me. That is, it is being the first issue of my health problem in my daily lives. This situation relates to Orem's self-care theory. As Orem(1991) believes that an individual or client is a biological, psychological being with the potential for self-care, meaning a capacity or willingness to provide care for themselves towards the maintenance of life, health and well being. They may or may not be dependent on others. The notes of diary cover the essential happening and its importance in everyday life. Personal heath situation is my first priority in my daily lives that relates with the vision of Goel and Goel (2005), which emphasis that to make dream happens is to pay attention to individual's real needs. 1    This document was prepared by BALAKRISHNA CHAPAGAIN 

There is close relationship between health and self-care behavior. If each individual is responsible for his own life, then the concept of health may be as a human resource enabling a person to fulfill ambitions and goals in life (Orem,1971). The ideology has influenced my attitudes as I prioritized my health issues in the first hierarchy. I remembered the eastern and western culture and found contradictory when compare with my individual behavior. More individualistic themes tend to be found in western culture but more collectivist themes in eastern culture (Friedman and Schusreack, 2003). Individualists emphasize autonomy and independence where as collectivists emphasize on interdependent and group focused. But for me, I was influenced by western culture, that emphasizes in individualism.

In these lines, I was not thinking about my family member's health conditions. I believe on Hinduism and I am a follower of Hindu religion. The characteristic that focuses self at first and the family members at second priority may be influenced by Hindu ethics. As Karad (2001) in Dyaneshwara, A mantra for new millennium states that Hinduism teaches us about one's duty towards oneself, family and society. It advocates pious way of living one's life with purity of mind with as sense of full devotion to God, which will ultimately lead to...

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This document was prepared by BALAKRISHNA CHAPAGAIN
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